Will my iTunes subscription to Tales To Go work on the website? Can I subscribe on the web, but read the magazine in the iOS app?

Yes, you can!

To access the app after you bought a subscription on our website: From the Back Issues page in your app, click “Already a subscriber?” and enter the email address you used to buy your subscription on the web.

To access the website after purchasing a subscription in iTunes, use your email address associated with your iTunes account to create a new user ID here.

What about an app for my Samsung / Microsoft / Nokia / Motorola / Google / etc. phone?

You can log into this site as a subscriber on any internet-enabled mobile phone (we don't have a separate app for those phones).

I purchased something and it didn’t work!

Email us at support@29.io. Please let us know where you were when you had the problem and how you’d like it resolved!